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Welcome to Resava Holidays' blog! On this blog you will see posts about Phuket Island and all the attractions and activities that are on offer here. This blog is here to help you enjoy your stay while you are on holiday and to make it easier to pre plan what you are going to do while you are visiting us in Phuket.

We hope that you enjoy reading this Phuket blog as much as we enjoyed writing it! If you would like to see more frequent updates, we have daily updates on our Facebook and Twitter. 

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The Best Resorts in Phuket

Are you are planning a trip to Phuket and wondering which are the best resorts in Phuket? We have picked out our favourites for you to choose from. Read more

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Phuket Festivals

If you are lucky enough to be in Phuket for any of the many varied festivals Phuket has to offer, then you should definitely include these to your list. From the religious to the superstitious and the fun to the gruesome, they are sure to create a lasting impression! Read more

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Phuket Temples

If you are visiting Phuket then make sure you get to see one or more of its many temples or Wats as they are known in Thailand. The largest is Wat Chalong which is towards the south of the island, but there are plenty of others which still have great history and stories and may be a bit less busy. Read more

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Phuket Viewpoints

If you want to experience some truly spectacular views during your stay in Phuket, these viewpoints should definitely be included on your list. Read more

Top Attractions in Phuket

Due to the size of Phuket Island, you have plenty of opportunity to explore the island without having to travel too far from your accommodation. There are many attractions worth experiencing in Phuket, and we have gathered some of our top suggestions for you! Read more

What To Do in Phuket

When you are travelling to a new place, it can be useful to know what things there are to do in the area before you arrive. In Phuket there are enough things to keep you occupied for weeks and because it is a fairly small island – you can get to opposite ends within a short drive. This will give you… Read more

Top beaches in Phuket

There are few places that are as fortunate as Phuket in terms of the amount of fantastic beaches that are available. Granted, there are plenty of other islands out there, but due to the sheer size of Phuket you have everything from busy party beaches to completely remote beaches available within a s… Read more

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Phuket FantaSea

Phuket FantaSea is a larger-than-life show providing thrills, amazement and laughter. The biggest show in Phuket, it is inspired by Thai legend and incorporates theatre, circus and magic. It features a cast of hundreds including white tigers, buffalo, horses and more animals besides! A little piece … Read more

Famous Movies Filmed in Phuket

One of the reasons visitors flock to Phuket for the perfect Phuket holiday is because of the stunning scenery, natural beauty, paradisiacal atmosphere and the haunting surrounding islands. Another by product of this is Phuket as an in demand filming location for films, documentaries and t.v. progra… Read more

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