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Welcome to Resava Holidays' blog! On this blog you will see posts about Phuket Island and all the attractions and activities that are on offer here. This blog is here to help you enjoy your stay while you are on holiday and to make it easier to pre plan what you are going to do while you are visiting us in Phuket.

We hope that you enjoy reading this Phuket blog as much as we enjoyed writing it! If you would like to see more frequent updates, we have daily updates on our Facebook and Twitter. 

Things To Do in Phuket For Couples

Phuket is known for its beauty, its culture and its nightlife. There’s so much to see that you may be tempted to stick to the tourist trail to make life simpler. There are many key attractions which you shouldn’t leave without seeing, but off the beaten track you can find your own Phuket paradise. H… Read more

Things To Do in Phuket With Teenagers

It can often be difficult to find suitable things to do when you’ve got teenagers in tow. Whether you’ve got a stroppy madam or a sulking son, these fun activities around Phuket are sure to please everyone. Read more

Phuket FantaSea

Phuket FantaSea is a larger-than-life show providing thrills, amazement and laughter. The biggest show in Phuket, it is inspired by Thai legend and incorporates theatre, circus and magic. It features a cast of hundreds including white tigers, buffalo, horses and more animals besides! A little piece … Read more

Famous Movies Filmed in Phuket

One of the reasons visitors flock to Phuket for the perfect Phuket holiday is because of the stunning scenery, natural beauty, paradisiacal atmosphere and the haunting surrounding islands. Another by product of this is Phuket as an in demand filming location for films, documentaries and t.v. progra… Read more

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