Things To Do in Phuket With Teenagers

It can often be difficult to find suitable things to do when you’ve got teenagers in tow. Whether you’ve got a stroppy madam or a sulking son, these fun activities around Phuket are sure to please everyone.


Whether you’re a complete novice, or have a little experience with some type of board, Anthem Wake Park is a fantastic day of family fun. Anthem is a cable park so you’re propelled by an overhead cable and the idea is to hang on and board across the surface of the water. Easier said than done! Anthem has a 50,000-square-metre freshwater lake, serviced by three cables. It is the only clockwise park in Asia and comes complete with ramps and sliders. Located near Cherng Talay, the park is easy to get to and also features a bar and restaurant with free Wi-Fi.

Elephant Trekking

This has become one of the most popular activities on the island. The tropical rainforest of Phuket is a dense and enchanting area which there is no better way to explore than from an elephant. On top of one of these gentle giants, you have a hugely elevated view – providing a unique perspective on the vast, intriguing jungle.

Elephant _trekking _Phuket


Kayak is undoubtedly one of the best ways to explore Phuket. Giving you access to fascinating tunnels, caves and lagoons (known as hongs), travelling on the water is a real eye-opener. Although you’ll be paddling yourself, plenty of experienced staff attend to help and advise as well as guide you to the hidden ecological gems!

Quad Bike Tour

A great way to see parts of Phuket you wouldn’t necessarily come across, quad bike tours (or ATV tours as they’re known on the island) are an extremely popular activity. You can explore the local countryside which includes forests, rubber plantations and the occasional splash through a river. More than just a fun activity, you’ll learn about the nature of the area and about how foresters work in harmony with the environment.

Scuba Diving

Phuket is one of the best locations for diving on the whole planet. If you’re up for adventure this is definitely worth doing. You’ll see one of the most awe-inspiring coral reefs in addition to fascinating sea life. The reef plays host to thousands of different types of fish, some of which are attention-seeking colours, others of which you may not even notice are there. Diving excursions are often combined with island-hopping tours so you can spend a day lying on deserted beaches and exploring underwater in equal measures. If your sense of adventure isn’t quite strong enough for scuba diving, snorkelling tours are also available.

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