Top Attractions in Phuket

Due to the size of Phuket Island, you have plenty of opportunity to explore the island without having to travel too far from your accommodation. There are many Phuket attractions worth experiencing , and we have gathered some of our top suggestions for you! 


With 29 different temples to choose from, you can make an activity out of temple trekking in Phuket. The temples on the island are truly cherished by the inhabitants of Phuket and as a visitor you should respect the sentimental value of the temples. The temples represent the culture on the island and each and every one is individual and has its own characteristics. It really is worth going to see more than one temple if you have the time during your visit, but don’t forget to be respectable when visiting  these great Phuket attractions by covering up and not showing too much skin during your visit. 


Markets are a huge part of what Thai culture and social life in Thailand is about and it is definitely worth visiting some during your stay in Phuket. Whether you are looking for fish, fruit or other more exotic items, you are sure to find it at the markets here. Prepare for what may be a slightly overwhelming sensation with plenty of smells to satisfy the senses. The scents are strong, the colours bright and the people are lively – what’s there not to like?

Phuket Weekend Market is the ‘main’ market in Phuket. You will find absolutely everything in this market with great gifts and souvenirs on offer for incredible prices. Open on the weekends only - this market is the perfect activity for anyone looking for a great bargain.

Other markets worth visiting in Phuket, include:

  • Banzaan Market - a clean market with beautifully presented fresh fish, meat and fruit
  • Talad Kaset Night Market – a street food market where you will find lots of different types of prepared fast food
  • Indy Market  -  a market popular with youngsters due to the variety of clothing as well as the option to grab a bite to eat. 

Phuket Market Jessica Rabbits Flickr-Photo credit Jessica Rabbits Flickr


Due to Phuket being an island, there is a large selection of beaches which is one of the great Phuket attractions . The stunning beaches (/blog/top-beaches-phuket/) all have individual characteristics and are perfect for walking, sunbathing and photographing. There are plenty of beaches that are hidden, so searching for your very own private beach is an activity in itself. Try to experience as many beaches as you can while you’re in Phuket to ensure you get the complete depiction of our stunning island. 

Baan Teelanka - Upside Down House

This new addition to Phuket’s attractions is proving to be a lot of fun for both families and adults! Enter this house where everything is upside down and get some fun photographs to show the family. The house is 3 storeys tall and there is a cafe inside where you can buy refreshments. If you are looking for something new and different, this funky little house is a nice little experience to try in Phuket.

Monkey Hill | Toe Sae Hill

If you want to experience some good views, as well as making some new friends, you should go to Monkey Hill one of the original Phuket attractions. The hill is very popular with monkeys and there are thought to be around 400 living there in different groups. The monkeys are fed by locals, however they usually don’t approach people passing by. If you are planning to come here with children, be aware of the fact that the hill is fairly steep and that although the monkeys are usually peaceful and not interested in human contact, they are wild and could approach. 

Phuket Aquarium

Whether it’s raining or not – you shouldn’t miss out on Phuket Aquarium. The recently renovated establishment is filled with rare species of fish and other sea creatures. All the labels are in both English and Thai giving you the opportunity to learn some interesting facts while you are there.  A day at the Aquarium is perfect for children of all ages but also an ideal activity for adults!

Phuket Aquarium

Photo Credit YehudaCo

Siam Niramit Phuket

If you want to experience the theatre the Thai way, Siam Niramit Phuket should be on your list of Phuket attractions! The show features martial arts, show and dance and is truly professionally executed. The show is suited to people of all ages and is wheelchair friendly. There is a photography ban while watching the show, however you are encouraged to snap away on the rest of the grounds. 

Thai Boxing

Don’t miss out on this increasingly popular sport while in Thailand. Thai Boxing is a great sport to watch live, with an incredible atmosphere. To see the exceptional strength and skill that is needed to perform Thai boxing professionally is incredible! The sport is fairly violent, so it isn’t appropriate for children or anyone who is squeamish.

Other things that may interest you:

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