How Long to Stay in Phuket?

When you are travelling to a new destination in a foreign country, there are always a number of questions to ask yourself when planning your trip: ‘How many nights do we stay?’, ‘What is there to do there’ and ‘Will we enjoy it?’ are just a few that you need to have thought about before taking off on your journey. To make your planning for a holiday to Phuket a little  easier, we’ve gathered a few activity lists as well as a typical one week schedule you could look to enjoy while on the island.

Depending on who you are traveling with and whether the group includes children and teenagers, of course these ‘plans’ may vary, below is a selection of activities that we feel everyone could enjoy while getting a real feel of what Phuket has to offer. 

Day 1:

Hit the beach! Wake up and get your holiday off to a great start and experience one of Phukets amazing beaches! There are numerous stunning beaches around the island to choose from. Regardless of where you choose to stay on the island, whichever beach you choose will be just a short drive away.  Whether you want a beach with lots of activities and people or the more private beach experience – both options are available in Phuket. There are restaurants and beach huts near most of the beaches, giving you the option to have a nice lunch or beach cocktail during the day. There are water sports available on the busier beaches as well.

Once your day on the beach is over, you can perhaps enjoy a meal or a cocktail in the heart of Patong or simply have a relaxed evening in your accommodation.  

 Kata _beach1

Day 2:

Time to get active!  How about going elephant trekking for half a day? With panoramic views over the island it is a truly incredible experience! If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, then perhaps either a hike up to one of Phukets famous viewpoints or a visit to all the different temples around the island is more for you. Having taken in some of the spectacular scenery, spend the afternoon relaxing at your accommodation by the swimming pool or head back to the beach, and then enjoy a nice dinner or BBQ locally as the sun goes down.

Birdseye _view _of _phuket

Day 3:

So much to see! Today is the day to go an explore some of Phukets best attractions around the island. In the afternoon or early morning, visiting a market to soak up the atmosphere, culture and colors is a great option. If you are travelling with children, a visit to the ‘upside down house’ is a must or head to the aquarium to cool off in the middle of the day.  And then, maybe complete the day with a visit to a Thai theatre; the Siam Niramit show is a truly great experience.

Elephant _trekking _Phuket

Day 4:

Take to the sea!  For those who love to spend time in and around the water, then a day of snorkelling or diving should also be on your list. We recommend signing up to a trip with a professional instructor to make the most of this experience, but if you prefer to simply snorkel around the beach that is another option. A diving trip is likely to take up around half a day. Once the trip is over you are likely to simply want a bit of relaxation to end the day, so nows the time to relax with a Thai massage on the beach (or at a massage parlour) – it’s truly worth the experience while here!

Snorkeling Phuket

Day 5:

Not to be missed! A day trip to the Phi Phi islands. These islands are breathtakingly beautiful and are an absolute must during your stay in Phuket. Spend the day on the beaches, go hiking, snorkeling and remember to take lots of photos! There are a few different options to get to the islands, including a ferry or a long tail boat ride. You really need to dedicate the full day to Phi Phi… and its totally worth it, although on the way back there could always be time for a cocktail or iced tea in Patong!

Phi _Phi

Day 6:

Whether you are travelling with your other half, your children or maybe with teenagers in your group, there are plenty of activities tailored for you. Here are some of our handpicked activities:

And not forgetting the solo traveller or traveling with a group of adults, exploring Patong is always a great option with shopping, restaurants, bars, beach and plenty of people around to keep you entertained!

 Friends _eating

Day 7:

Spend the day island hopping! Although Phuket has more than enough going on, the proximity to other equally beautiful islands is one of the reasons why Phuket appeals to so many. We would recommend going to Bond Island where the James Bond movie was filmed. It is truly iconic and definitely worth the visit.

Bond _island

So, those are some of our suggestions for your weekly plan – and as you can see, lots to fit in, and we didn’t even cover everything there is to see, do and experience in Phuket!  Spending a week in on this wonderful island is likely to leave you wishing you have a few more days or even weeks depending on your how you like to spend your time or what you look for in a holiday. The island is a dream for all the ‘beach bums’ out there with a different beach for each day of the week and plenty more to discover and choose from.

If you are visiting Phuket during the green season, there are plenty of indoor activities in case it rains. The green season is a perfect time to visit the island; however the beach activities and island visits we mentioned here are more suited to the high season due to the sea conditions. Find out more about the green season in Phuket here.

We hope that this has given you a better understanding of how long to stay in Phuket. If you are looking for accommodation while on the island, we offer both long term and short term villas and apartments in numerous locations.

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