Weather & Climate in Phuket

Famed for white sandy beaches, nodding palms and crystal-clear water, Phuket is the original paradise island. During high season, the weather here is glorious. Low season is also a fantastic time to visit but the word “monsoon” can easily put people off so here’s some information about how the weather here in Phuket changes.

High Season – November to April:

Quite the opposite from Europe, America and northern Asia, summer in Phuket is from November to April. This is the high season when Phuket is at its busiest. It is also the best time for swimming, snorkeling and diving as the sea is relatively calm. Don’t get confused if you hear someone talk about the high season as a “monsoon season” – technically the high season is also a monsoon season as the word monsoon merely relates only to seasonal winds. The high season may be referred to as the “Northeast monsoon season” as the winds, gentle though they are, come from the Northeast.

Low Season – May to October:

This is the time when the island gets most of the rainfall needed to keep the rainforest lush, green and expansive. Low season is not cold, however. In fact, the temperature difference between the hottest month and the coldest month is negligible. Humidity goes up during low season though, peaking in October. Swimming, snorkelling and diving are more dangerous in the low season, but this depends a great deal on where you are. It’s a great time to visit if you’re a lover of nature and there are astounding deals to be had on apartments and villas. The low season may be referred to as the “green season” or “Southwest monsoon season” as the winds come from the southwest.

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