Why Choose Serviced Apartments instead of Hotels in Phuket

Choosing a hotel in Phuket can seem tricky. A peaceful paradise island and a thriving tourist hotspot, it is a place of contrasts. Finding the right hotel to suit your needs can be tough, especially if you want some of the creature comforts of home to ensure that your holiday is as enjoyable as possible. There is a broad range of hotels in Phuket – from tall urban blocks in Patong, to expensive resorts on far-flung outcrops. But with either of these options you will probably still be lacking the comfort, privacy and space that you can be offered if staying in a serviced apartment.


Let’s face it – hotel rooms are pretty much exact replicas of one another, bar a few discerning features. Within one hotel, the rooms tend to be practically identical. But why stay in a dull, drab clone of a room when you could have a whole apartment to yourself which is individually styled? Serviced apartments have their own character and can form a base for your Phuket adventures which you will really come to know and love. With a fully-equipped kitchen and plenty of living space, serviced apartments provide far more convenience and are also often in gated communities, providing far more security.


The thin walls used in hotel construction mean that all too often screaming children, next door’s TV or thumping footsteps down the corridor can become a real problem and begin to interfere with the holiday itself. But if you can hear them so clearly, how clearly can they hear you?

Surin Park

Much more space

Ironically, when staying in a hotel room, room is the one thing which is often in short supply. Even more so on a family holiday. And there simply doesn’t seem to be an answer to the question “where should I put my case?” The door opens into the porch, there’s a TV at the end of the bed and the wardrobe is the size of a shoe box. But a serviced apartment has plenty of living space and becomes your home from home where you can stretch out, relax and enjoy some downtime.

Value for Money

Despite having lots of extra space and not being cooped-up, with a serviced apartment you will actually get far better value for money. The lower cost is made possible by not having a restaurant or round-the-clock staff. With a serviced apartment you won’t be charged for services you don’t use and will usually pay a lower rate of tax, especially for longer stays. You won’t be charged per person but per room – making serviced apartments even better value for families or groups. But more importantly, having a whole apartment to yourself with all the appliances you’re used to at home gives you far more choice during your holiday. A fully-equipped kitchen with full-size fridge will save you money on meals while a washing machine allows you to wash your clothes at no extra cost. Simply put, serviced apartments provide amenities which hotel rooms just can’t match.

Baan Yamu Penthouse

Great for families and groups

If you opt for a large apartment, with a bathroom for every bedroom, serviced apartments can prove to be a far better option than multiple hotel rooms. Not only will you save money by having the one apartment for your group, but you'll also be able to spend more time together, should you wish to, during your stay on the island. As you have your own fully equipped kitchen in the apartment, you will be able to cook together and enjoy meals in the apartment and relax in the living room should you not feel like going out one afternoon.

Resava Holidays offer stunning serviced apartments in a range of locations around the tropical island of Phuket:

Not only are serviced apartments cheaper and better equipped than hotel rooms, but you also won’t find anyone stationed in your apartment who is vying for a tip. After all, why buy back your autonomy in polite little packages when you can stay in a serviced apartment and enjoy complete freedom?

Our apartments provide space, privacy and a touch of luxury. You can choose what to cook, when to cook and run entirely on your own schedule. So carve your own path and enjoy a unique holiday and a memorable stay in a Resava serviced apartment.

More space and privacy

Available for short and long breaks!

Staff available 24/7