Why to Choose a Villa over Hotels in Phuket

Deciding upon a Hotel in Phuket can be challenging. When working with a set budget, you may find a bigger hotel room is only feasible in more remote area. But why compromise on location to afford a little extra space when you could have a whole villa to yourselves?

Staying in a hotel room can be cramped and stressful, which is only made worse by the very fact that you’re staying in a hotel because you’re on holiday and supposed to be having a good time! Hotels may provide a living space, but villas provide an environment. With enough room to stretch-out, relax and enjoy your time together, a villa is truly the superior choice. Hotels rooms soon fade into obscurity but a villa becomes a part of your holiday and helps to create lasting memories.

Furthermore, no matter what you’re paying for a hotel room, you may find you’re sharing with some undesirable neighbours! Due to the way hotels are constructed, the dividing walls are often very thin and while you may be concerned that you can hear your neighbours, they may be just as concerned that they can hear you! Villas, on the other hand, provide security, privacy and comfort. Your home away from home, you needn’t worry about people thundering down the corridor late at night or overhearing next door’s pay-per-view.

Baan Yamu Pool Villa

What’s more, with a fully-equipped kitchen you can choose exactly what, how and when to cook – giving you complete freedom over your menu, your meal times and your itinerary (be it full-to-bursting or blissfully blank!) If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, you may want to source some local ingredients and create a Thai meal. Or if you’re less adventurous or feeling homesick, you could go to a supermarket and cook a meal to remind you of home! Cooking a dish of your choice will also save you money – which might otherwise have been spent in that most uninspiring of places – the hotel restaurant.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra, you can hire a villa with a private pool which will really make your holiday. Thailand is one of the hottest countries in the world and the island of Phuket is no exception! In fact, having the option of taking a dip when the weather gets too hot may soon become an amenity you couldn’t imagine being without.

Villas are excellent value for money – you certainly get more bang for your buck! This is because you won’t be paying for services you don’t necessarily use such as round-the-clock staff. What’s more, with a fully-equipped kitchen, washing machine and full-size fridge, you can save even more money by being entirely self-sufficient.

Resava provide beautiful villas in a range of locations around Phuket. Unlike hotel rooms, our villas are individually styled with far more floor space and surprising features.

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